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EST Ammonium Sensor

EST Ammonium Sensor (ESTAPAS)

EST is very pleased to offer our own portable device for ammonium dissolved in liquids. The hand-held meter, which is known by the acronym ĎESTAPASí offers significant technical and commercial advantages when compared with the usual colour change chemistry methods used for the analysis of this chemical. The meter is supplied in a small carry-case, which contains all the necessary components, including a sample holder, electrode umbilical, software, etc. The meter is therefore highly suitable for in-the-field use, and laboratory-based measurements.

The meter succinctly illustrates the inventiveness, and scientific expertise of EST. We were awarded a DTI Smart Award to successfully assess the technical feasibility of the meter, which has been proven, and is now available commercially.

ESTAPAS is a reliable and safe to use meter, which uses a disposable sensor probe for each measurement. The measurement process is made by following simple on-screen instructions and, provides an accurate and highly specific ammonium test result in about 2 minutes.

The main advantages of the ESTAPAS meter include: -

  • Accurate and highly specific for ammonium ion. The meter provides a measurement range of 0 to 50 ppm w/v ammonium ion (NH4+).
  • Extremely simple operation using on-screen instructions. No special training required.
  • A system that provides true low cost per measurement operation.
  • No hazardous waste or special waste disposal considerations.
  • No effects from the turbidity or colour of the original sample.

The ESTAPAS meter is shown below. Please contact us for further details or to request a demonstration.

Ammonium sensor equipment

Summary Technical Specification

  • Measuring principle  electrochemical control unit and disposable (single-use) electrode units. (No problems from sample to sample cross-contamination).
  • Totally automatic  data is stored internally and simple user prompts displayed on on-screen menuís configure the instrument for the measurement process.
  • Provides a measurement range of 0 to 50 ppm w/v ammonium ion (NH4+).
  • Resolution better than 0.5-ppm w/v ammonium ion (NH4+)
  • Calibration - the meter is free from user required calibration requirements.
  • Free from turbidity effects - the colour of the original sample is unimportant to the sensor systemís operation.
  • Direct reading of measurement from illuminated and large LCD.
  • Measurement period  2 min.
  • Free from chloride ion interferences.
  • Battery operation provides for up to 10 hrs.
  • All component parts are traceable through their supply system.


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