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Electrochemical Sensor Technology (EST) Ltd.
Analytical Electrochemistry; Designed to be Simple to Use
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EST was formed from a successful university research group. EST is based in Castle Eden in County Durham, England.

We provide a variety of services directed towards the research, manufacture and supply of chemical sensors. We can supply component parts of a sensor, such as electrodes, or a complete and fully functional system. Our experience includes sensors, which may be used at elevated temperature or pressure, such as those required in the chemical process sector. We have also produced fixed site continuously operated systems, and portable and compact sensors, which are single-use devices.

Our sensors have been used in a variety of environments ranging from water quality testing through to medical applications. We have wide experience, and have designed sensors for gases in air, gases dissolved in liquids, and a range of metal ions, and organic species, etc.

We can provide a service directed towards building a complete sensor system, or we can simply supply component parts to assist other organisations with their specific and particular requirements. Please contact us for further details.

EST has recently completed work on an
Ammonium Sensor, and which is now available to purchase, see Ammonium Sensor for further details. This device is known by the acronym ‘ESTAPAS’, and offers significant technical and commercial benefits over existing methods of ammonium analysis.

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